About Us

Our company is a well-established foreign trade company established in 1989 with 35 years of experience. We are proud to have a distinguished position among Turkey's leading foreign trade organizations with the extensive knowledge and experience gained to date. Our expertise in the Iraqi market, our ability to cope with the various challenges we have encountered during this period, and our customer satisfaction-oriented service approach form the basis of our strong presence in the sector.

We are delighted to provide the highest level of service to our customers with the expertise we have developed over the years in the Iraqi market, which is our main focus. During this time, we have been operating successfully in a dynamic market environment by providing fast and flexible solutions to the changing needs of our customers.

This journey, which started in 1989, brought with it our ability to offer various solutions to our customers with a wide range of products in the Food, Raw Materials and Industrial sectors. We operate in a wide range, starting from milk powders originating from Ireland, the Netherlands, the EU and Belarus, to the plastic injection machine granule raw material supply of SABIC company of Saudi Arabia origin.

In this process, we provide support to our customers not only in material supply but also in industrial areas such as establishing milk processing facilities, purchasing machinery, and consultancy services. In addition to our strong presence in the Iraqi market, we continue to strengthen our leading position in the sector with the strategic collaborations we have established with various suppliers globally.


Our Sectors and Products

We Stand Out in Reliability with Experience Since 1989

Nihad Foreign Trade has been known for its strong presence and experience in different sectors since 1989. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, we offer quality solutions in the food, raw material and industrial sectors.

Milk Powder and Fats

Nihad Dış Ticaret has been a reliable business partner since 1989. It offers solution-oriented service to customers by supplying various products, especially milk powder, at international quality standards.

Milk Powders
Various Oils

Frozen Food

Nihad Foreign Trade continues its leadership in the food industry since 1989. It maintains its leading position in the industry by providing customers with quality and reliable food products.

Frozen Food

Plastic Products and Raw Materials

Nihad Dış Ticaret is known for its many years of experience in the raw material industry. It offers reliable and quality solutions to customers by supplying raw materials in accordance with international standards.

Granular Raw Materials
Plastic Products

Production and Equipment

In the industrial sector, Nihad Dış Ticaret has been a reliable business partner since 1989. It offers solution-oriented service to customers by supplying industrial products at international quality standards.

Milk Processing Facilities
Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Why Us? The ultimate in customer satisfaction. Nihat Dış Ticaret is beyond being a prominent brand in the sector,
is a company with the mission of creating value for its customers.
Experience and Reliability

We have been existing in the sector for more than 35 years and are known for our reliability towards customers.

International Quality Standards

We meet our customers' expectations by offering products and services that comply with international standards.

Solution Oriented Service

We prioritize customer satisfaction and add value to our customers with solutions tailored to their needs.

Sectoral Expertise

With our wide range of expertise in the food, raw materials and industrial sectors, we offer our customers services tailored to various sectoral needs.

Openness to Innovation

We are constantly improving ourselves to offer our customers the most innovative solutions in the ever-changing world of commerce.

Powerful Business Ethics

Honesty, transparency and strength in our way of doing business. We act with ethical values.

Solution Partners